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''Humanos são seres miseráveis,eles invejam quem tem mais que eles e desprezam quem não tem nada.''

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One Piece Parade!

It looks kinda like theyre leading you down your dash…. ANYWAY. I started this piece of shit in 2013 guys. it took me way too long to spit this out. But i do think i really enjoy the idea of people carrying people. So uh. enjoy as i shove brotps and otps down your throat. 

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S P E C I A L    25    D A Y S     O F    R E Q U E S T
Day 07. Izaya Orihara || DURARARA!! || Request by: my-little-limbus

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Akakuro Somersault Kiss

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It took me a while to decide who kuroko would do it with but then I was like Akashi is the most probable cause they’re almost the same height. AHAHAHAHA //SHOT’D This took me A LOT OF PATIENCE TO MAKE AHAHA //CRIES I wasn’t even supposed to color it cause I was so lazy but then BAM AHAH it was just too cute to pass up and since my break is ending soon I wont be able to do these things for a while //crY


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Free! TVanimation guide book.

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